How wordpress internal cron job work and why you may need to setup an external cron?

Internal wordpress cron job depends on visitors and bots visits to your wordpress site to process waiting jobs scheduled

Three severe issues with cron job can happen

1- It sometimes fails to complete the jobs in time or completely due to your site does not have these continuous visits

2- It can sometimes trigger same job twice at the same time in case you have high traffic at your site

3- Any plugin can break your other plugins scheduled cron jobs

How to overcome internal wordpress cron job problems

with all of my plugins that require scheduled jobs I offer the option to setup an external cron job so you can get all jobs done as expected in the correct time

visit the plugin settings and copy your cron command

if your host don’t support cron jobs or you having any problem with setting up the cron as below then use this online service to call the file for you after a fixed time intervals (just copy your cron file url don’t copy the cron command link) if your host support cron jobs then

  1. Visit your cpanel and hit the “cron” icons
  2. cron_icon
  3. add your cron command and hit “add new cron job” buttoncron_tab

once you have setup the external cron you are advised to disable using the internal cron at the plugin settings .

Further reading: Insights into WP-Cron

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