How to post from Twitter to WordPress using WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin can post from Twitter to WordPress. from a specific user, hashtag, search term or any mention, check this video on how to get the APP ID and Secret that are required to connect to Twitter

1- Login to your twitter account and make sure that you already connected a mobile phone number with your account

*If you did not already connect a phone number with your account, visit Settings and Privacy / account and connect one

2- visit and click the “Create an App” button

3- It will tell you to create a developer account so click the “Apply” button

4- Fill the request info as below then click “Next”

5- Accept the agreement then click “Submit”

6- It will ask you to verify your email so just visit your mail box then click the verification link

7- It will tell you that you have verified, click the “Get started” button to apply for the elevated access

8- Set the coding skill as below and click the button

9- the most important page of the application, paste this text

I want to connect my Twitter account to my own website. The application will be used to show my Tweets on my website and it also will publish Tweets from my website to my Twitter account. Application will not collect or analyze any user data. It also will be used to authorize users on my website with their Twitter accounts.” to the “Describe in your own words what you are building

paste the above text again

 -set both to no then click the “Next” button

It will tell you that your application has been received so you just need to wait for the approval email, mine was received in just 1 hour while make sure to wait for two business days if you did not get it earlier

10- once approved, you will get the approval email so just visit the link inside this email

11- Set a name for the APP then click the button “Get Keys”

12- Copy both values to your plugin settings page and you are done


12- APP that you will copy the bearer token from must belong to a project

Happy posting 🙂

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