How to get Microsoft translator APP ID and Secret

1- Visit this link for subscription

2- Click the “Sign Up” button


3- Login using your Microsoft account and if You don’t have an account click the sign up button to create a new one



4- Now accept the license and click “Sign Up”


If you have successfully signed up, you should recieve a Thank you message


5- Now visit this link and click “Register”


6- Once you get the registration form, add a unique name as the app ID it can be any text and numbers for example I added wpautomatic123456789 , you can add anything

also name your APP with any Name and add as the “Redirect URL” and click “Create”


7- Now you should see your APP saved, Edit it to get the App Id and secret key


8 – Copy/Paste them to your APP for translation


Happy Translating 🙂

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