How to post from specific links to wordpress automatically

WordPress automatic plugin can post from feed to wordpress but what if we want to post specific links not all from feeds?

The solution is simple which is we will use a service that we add links at and it provides a feed link we will use at the plugin. The feed will get updated when we add new links to the service

The service is and here is how to go

1- Sign up and login to

2- To get your feed link visit “options” then “privacy” or visit this link for your privacy options directly

3- Disable authentication for your feed


4- Copy the feed link to your wordpress automatic campaign


5- To add items to your feed click the add button at your getpocket dashboard


Tip#1 , You can setup their addon so you have a button at your browser to add items in one click

Tip#2 , You don’t need to repeat any step above. just add links and they will automatically appear at the feed, and wordpress automatic will automatically post from


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