How to get a FB user access token with user_posts permissions

WordPress Automatic plugin can post from FB pages and FB groups to WordPress. but if your FB page shares posts from your personal FB profile, a special user token is required for your posts to be imported

here is the steps to get it

1- Make sure that you have created an APP and if you still didn’t, follow this tutorial¬†

2-Visit the Graph Explorer here

3- Choose your created APP

4- Click the Get Token button, then choose User token

5- Select “user_posts” permission then click “Get access token”

6- Press “Continue” button

7- Now click the info button then “Open in Access Token Tool”

8- Click the Extend button

9- copy the access token displayed

10- paste it to the access token field

Done, now shared from your personal profile posts should be accessible when grabbing the posts from your FB fan page.

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