How to set video channel at wordpress automatic for NewsTube Theme

WordPress automatic can post from youtube, vimeo automatically to your wordpress and you can integrate it with newstube them so it adds the video to a specific channel here is how to do so

1. You will need to add a custom field with the campaign but before doing this you will need to know what is the id of your channel

To get the id of the channel simply edit the cahnnel and copy the post parameter value

as example my channel editing page link was

so the channel id is 8326

2. count numbers in your channel id so at my example the channel id is 8326 and the count of numbers is 4

3. now add the custom field named channel id with the value on the form a:1:{i:0;s:NUMBER_COUNT:"CHANNEL_ID";}

and replace the NUMBER_COUNT with the count at your case and the CHANNEL_ID with the id of the channel

so at my case the value was a:1:{i:0;s:4:"8326";}


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