How to auto pin imges from shortcodes to pinterest using pinterest automatic

WordPress pinterest automatic auto post images from your wordpress to pinterest. it can detect images from the editor , featured image , custom field and from any metabox visible on the post edit page


sometimes your image may be visible only in the front end using a shortcode in the back-end as example there is a flicker plugin that uses a shortcode like this [flickr]photo:14314603797[/flickr]   and it process it on the front end to display an image


the problem now is that pinterest automatic will not be able to process the shortcode and turn it into image to grab because shortcodes are understood by it’s creator only


the trick is to preview the final content from the front end right in the editing page using a plugin named inline preview and then set the wordpress automatic to detect images from the live preview part using a custom jQuery selector


1- install the live preview plugin located here


2- set the pinterest auomatic custom selector to #inline-preview-iframe

pinterest automatic settings

3- Add a post with this shortcode


4- click preview and the plugin should detect images right from the front end

wordpress inline preview

5- happy pinning


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