Categorize WordPress posts using ChatGPT

How to Categorize WordPress posts using ChatGPT Automatically [Trick]

WordPress Automatic Plugin  can auto-post from feeds or the site posts directly using its Multi-page scraper and the plugin can already set the original post categories as the imported post categories but there are cases where the source site does not already classify the posts

For example, imagine the source feed/site containing posts about “Sports” that are either Football or Basketball but the source site does not explicitly set the source category as Football or Basketball

Classification according to a keyword

The WordPress Automatic Plugin  can check the post content for a specific keyword and assign the post to a specific category if the keyword is found so it can check if the post contains “Football” and assign the post to the desired football category

What if the source content does not explicitly contain the keyword?

As the source content may also be about football, it may not contain the “Football” term explicitly so here comes the solution which is ChatGPT, we can send the post title to ChatGPT and ask it to return Football if it found that this is a Football post or return basketball if it is found to be a Basketball


This will make the final post content contain either “Football” or “Basketball” and this will enable the plugin to check and assign the correct category

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