How to find a youtube channel ID?

You can use wordpress automatic plugin to post videos from youtube to your wordpress account for any channel

the channel id appear at the channel link after the “channel/” part

as example here is a youtube channel link

the id for this channel is “UCv2oaoQ9-yq2ZWkGPDQaUZw” without quotes

What if the channel link does not contain the “channel/” part?

let’s say you have the channel link with the user other than the channel id like the following link

with this link there is no channel id appear at it so do the following to get the channel link from this link

  1. Visit the channel link like this
  2. open any video posted by this channel
  3. copy the channel link from the video pageLL3w5QbCW9
  4. now you can get the channel id that appears after the “/channel”

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