How to know used custom fields names by WordPress plugins/themes?

WordPress Automatic Plugin can set custom fields for created posts. For example, you can add the video URL when posting from Youtube to a custom field that the theme uses for displaying the video. another example, you can extract a specific part like a displayed address using the multi-page scraper and save it to a custom field used by a classifieds plugin

The challenge is to know the field name used by the plugin that uses the saved value. here are the steps to know

A customer wanted to save the extracted address to this field used by his classifieds plugin


1- To know the field name, add a test post and add an arbitrary address, in my case I added “test address”

2- copy the post ID from the address bar. it is a numeric value. in our case, it is 3006


3- Using PHPMyAdmin, search the table named wp_postmeta for all records where the post_id = the copied numeric value

4- Look for the arbitrary value and copy the key name, in our case, the field name was “_address_line_1”

5- now we know the field name so we can use in the plugin custom fields option

Tip, if you don’t have access to PHPMyAdmin, you can download and use this plugin 

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