How to get a Youtube API Key to post from youtube to wordpress

Using WordPress automatic you can post from Youtube to WordPress but with API v3 now you must add an API key for the posting to function.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Google account
  2. Visit the Google Developer Console  and create a project

  3. it takes a moment but once your project gets created it will auto redirect you to the project page
  4. We will need to activate the Youtube API for this project so visit the “Enable and manage APIs” tab and click”Youtube Data API”

  5. Now click “Enable” once enabled you can move to the next step
  6. Now visit the credentials tab under the project “Credentials” tab

    click the “Add credentials” button and choose “API Key”

  7. Now copy/paste the key to your plugin settings page

  8. Happy posting 🙂 and if you have any warning from the console regarding the key please ignore if it asks you about the refer

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