WP Automatic older changelog


Version 3.32.0 (15 August 2017)

  • new – Facebook new option to post posts the page is tagged in and visitor posts
  • new – Instagram option to post all images if the post contains more than a single one
  • new feature – Facebook & Instagram embedded videos auto play
  • improvement – Facebook event cover pic is now returned instead of the smaller image
  • Improvement – Post types for category selection shows only public types
  • new feature – Instagram remove mentions from title option
  • new feature – Amazon new tag for item author and another for the brand
  • new feature – grab alt text for featured image
  • new – Craigslist tag item_price
  • new – Feeds specific extraction to the custom field now saves to tags or excerpt
  • fix – youtube featured image was not set when a random HTTP error happens, now sorted.
  • fix – Twitter links structure updated to work on mobile phones as well
  • fix – Facebook older than 100 posts option now works with the latest FB API version

Version 3.31.0 (26 June 2017)

  • NEW: bbPress support so now posts can be posted as topics with an option to set the forum
  • NEW: Feeds option to skip stripping srcset attributes from images
  • Fix:Microsoft translator now works again
  • Fix:Emojis now get encoded to hex for non utf8mp4 encoded tables
  • Fix:Feed fetch full content twitter embeds missing script now get added
  • Fix:Amazon scraper now deactivate the keyword if no more items exists at the last available page
  • Fix:Default category now get removed if original categories will be set
  • Fix:EzineArticles ad was completely removed
  • Fix:Amazon iframe width when using thebestspinner now sorted
  • Fix:Facebook links small image now gets replaced by the largest image
  • Improved: eBay module now paginates the search results up to 100 pages

Version 3.30.0 (23 April 2017)

  • NEW:Walmart option to set product images as woo-commerce gallery
  • NEW:Post status “Private” now is available
  • NEW:Youtube new option to auto hyperlink links at the description
  • NEW:Feed new option to get the og:image title
  • NEW:Option for universal banned words that applies to all campaigns
  • Fix:Facebook access token generation now sorted after a recent FB change
  • Fix:Instagram module rewritten to cope with new changes from Instagram like videos and comments
  • Fix:Instagram tags like username now works in title template
  • Fix:Feeds publish date now consider the blog timezone
  • Fix:Feeds now works with proxies
  • Fix:Feeds decode entities now consider single and double quotes
  • Fix:Google translate now works if open_basedir is set
  • Fix:Banned words option now works even if exact words option is not active

Version 3.29.0 (20 March 2017)

  • NEW:Walmart support so now you can import from Walmart to WordPress
  • NEW:Amazon new tag [price_with_discount_fixed]
  • NEW:Vimeo new option to post from a specific album
  • NEW:Option to skip numeric tags from title
  • NEW:Feeds new option to fix lazy image loading
  • Fix:Instagram module updated to cope with new Instagram changes
  • Fix:Feeds now support proxies
  • Fix:Amazon lowest price now returns the correct price
  • Fix:Amazon.es prices now fixed and also posting by ASIN
  • Fix:Youtube must exist keywords and banned keywords now get considered

Version 3.28.0 (28 February 2017)

  • NEW:Reddit support so now you can post from Reddit by subReddit url
  • NEW:Amazon module now can scrape all items from amazon for a specific search
  • NEW:Amazon module now posts all product images as a gallery
  • NEW:Amazon Prices are now displayed with list price and discounted price format
  • NEW:Amazon module now can automatically update prices daily
  • NEW:Amazon default post template got a facelift
  • NEW:Post from Amazon using an ASINs list. just paste a list of ASINs in the keywords field
  • NEW:Facebook videos integration for TrueMag/VideoPro themes
  • NEW:Feeds strip html tags option
  • NEW:Feeds new option to only post items if a string exists
  • NEW:Instagram new option to post popular items from a hashtag
  • NEW:Keywords field now accepts keywords at one keyword per line format
  • Fix:Twitter embed as cards option and featured image option now work together
  • Fix:Facebook shared post with a shared link now gets the original shared link title
  • Fix:DailyMotion featured image option now works
  • Fix:Craigslist image now works after a Craigslist change
  • Fix: SoundCloud working new api key added.

Version 3.27.0 (24 January 2017)

  • NEW:DailyMotion Integration so now you can post from DailyMotion by keyword, user or playlist
  • NEW:PHP 7 compatibility
  • NEW:Twitter option to post hashtags as wordpress tags
  • NEW:Twitter option to embed videos
  • NEW:Flicker tags for high resolution images
  • Fix:Instagram and Twitter now consider timezone for dates
  • Fix:Feeds ‘ chars now get fixed at sites using it.
  • Fix:Feeds content extracted now does not contain srcset tags
  • Fix:Generate names from post title for clickbank was not working now fixed
  • Fix:Amazon items with price variations now returns the lowest price previously was displaying free
  • Fix:SoundCloud search by tag option was setting a license filter, now sorted
  • Fix:[nospin] tags now does not get removed if the spin option is not enabled
  • Fix:Youtube skip the video if specific minutes passed now works
  • Fix:Instagram posting from a specific user sometimes was not able to get the numeric ID, now sorted.

Version 3.26.2 (21 December 2016)

  • Fix: Caching images option and generating names from title for images was causing a problem when title was not latin-chars and img url is latin now sorted.
  • Fix: Security concern.

Version 3.26.1 (6 December 2016)

  • Improved: ClickBank module rewritten with new much better post template for new campaigns
  • NEW: Clickbank option to fetch description from original sales page
  • NEW: eBay option to set short description for woo-commerce product
  • NEW: eBay option to set the buy now button text at woo-commerce
  • NEW: Youtube new option to disable youtube logo at embeds
  • NEW: Facebook custom user access token are now allowed to be
  • NEW: Facebook new option to post old posts
  • NEW: Facebook new option to generate title from before line breaks
  • NEW: Facebook new option to disable adding “…” at end of generated titles
  • NEW: Feeds new feature to set featured image title at media library from post title
  • NEW: Feeds new option to disable getting the title from the original page title and use it from the feed
  • Fix: Feeds fetch full content method no more skips iframes
  • Fix: Facebook if skip posts older than a specific date is active. older posts will not got checked
  • Fix: Facebook sometimes didn’t return description for image now sorted.
  • Fix: Translation using Microsoft translator was sometimes failing for large content that is not originally in English now fixed
  • Fix: Translation to some languages using gTranslator was not working
  • Fix: Excluded links were not correctly excluded for some cases where the url in feed is not the effective url now fixed
  • Fix: ClickBank thumbnails for sites starting with https was not working.. now fixed
  • Fix: options page on some servers with mod_security active refused to save adsense code. now sorted.

Version 3.25.0 (7 November 2016)

  • NEW: Facebook now posts more than 100 posts
  • NEW: New option that makes the plugin post urls that was already posted (under wpml option)
  • NEW: Twitter two new option to skip retweets and replies
  • Fix: Important security fix
  • Fix: Twitter now displays image of the tweet for long truncated tweets
  • Fix: Facebook events posts now has the event title as wordpress post title
  • Fix: Translation now translates images alt text as well
  • Fix: Amazon .co.jp region now get saved correctly
  • Fix: Envato more than 60 pages returned now deactivates keyword (Envato limits number of returned items to 1800)
  • Fix: SoundCloud no image sounds now uses the item user image as the featured image
  • Fix: Name cached images with post title now strips special chars
  • Fix: Fetch full content now returns the original title instead of the in-feed title
  • Improved: Campaigns page now displays part of feeds if there are a long list added

Version 3.24.0 (26 September 2016)

  • NEW: Envato support so now we can post from Envato marketplaces including ThemeForest,CodeCanyon,AudioJungle and all markets
  • NEW: new option to only post tiems if keywords exists on Title only
  • Fix: bug with excluded links caused the plugin to loop at some cases. now fixed
  • Fix: Youtube import from playlists now skips private videos

Version 3.23.1 (19 September 2016 )

  • NEW: Title words as tags option
  • NEW: Support for videopro theme from cactus-themes so now videos from youtube/vimeo/instagram displays out of the box.
  • NEW: Youtube new tag [vid_date]
  • NEW: Set the post as draft then publish for social posters that works on publish and grab the image
  • NEW: Feeds custom attributes support so now we can import data from any item attribute at the feed xml
  • NEW: soundCloud new tag [item_download_url]
  • Fix: Google translator got updated to work again after recent Google changes
  • Fix: Plugin now works with latest version of newstube theme
  • Fix: actually remove the featured image option was causing embeds to disappear and cancelling spinning now fixed
  • Fix: Microsoft translator extra commas with some languages now fixed
  • Improved: EzineArticles now can work at servers with ip blocked from startpage
  • Improved: Feed campaign now can find feed automatically from main sites urls
  • Improved: Now plugin auto remove google ads from feeds content
  • Improved: fetch full content now supports soundcloud embeds
  • Improved: tags extraction from feeds can now identify spans and strip

Version 3.23.0 (19 July 2016 )

  • NEW: Itunes support so now we can post apps,music, ebooks and more from Itunes
  • NEW: Search and replace can now be applied to only titles
  • NEW: option to disable posting urls for comments author
  • NEW: option to disable deactivating keywords for an hour if there is no new items at the source
  • NEW: new facebook tags added for campaign template. [image_src] and [external_url]
  • Improved: Categories now get displayed in hierarchical layout
  • Fix: Clickbank module now back to work after recent changes from Clickbank
  • Fix: Google news feeds and Google alerts feeds are now compatible with feeds module
  • Fix: Canonical tag now gets added only when the option to set it is activated.
  • Fix: Instagram tags as wordpress tags now works normally
  • Fix: Youutbe non valid next page now get removed.

Version 3.22.1 (10 June 2016 )

  • Important: Instagram now works again after 1 June instagram update with same behaviour as before.
  • NEW: keyword to Category option: you can set a keyword and if exists, the plugin will set the post to the matching category
  • NEW: keyword to tag option: you can set a keyword and if exists, the pluginw will tag the post
  • NEW: option to post the item if it matchs a specific regex only
  • NEW: option to skip the item if it matchs a specific regex
  • NEW: instagram new option to skip video posts/images posts
  • NEW: Flicker now support posting from photo albums
  • NEW: TrueMag/NewsTube theme integration with instagram videos
  • NEW: search/replace using REGEX now has the option to word replace and replace shuffle
  • NEW: ebay additional parameters option added
  • NEW: SoundCloud new option to skip posts older than a specific date
  • NEW: option to delete all posted posts for a specific campaign
  • NEW: option to forget excuded links
  • Improved: Feeds campaign completely rewritten to be more lighter on servers.
  • Fix: instagram disable cache now works
  • Fix: simple_html_dom namespaeced not to conflict with other plugins/themes
  • Fix: youtube original date now consider blog timezone
  • Fix: youtube original date when posting from playlists now post correct video created date
  • Fix: translation for FB and some sources was not working now it works
  • Fix: maximum of three feeds now get processed per campaign run
  • Fix: Feeds decode html now decodes the title as well
  • Fix: Feeds now support news.google feed, previously the images were not displayed and the og:image was not extracted

Version 3.22.0 (24 March 2016 )

  • NEW: Now the plugin can post Craigslist to wordpress
  • Fix: EzineArticles module rewritten to work for all users
  • NEW: Twitter new tag item_original_link
  • NEW: Search and replace option for all campaign types
  • NEW: option to strip textual content from FB posts
  • NEW: option to never post same link again
  • NEW: New Facebook option to post images without linking to it.
  • Fix: added link as a possible post type to FB posts filter by type.
  • Fix: Microsoft second translation didn’t work now fixed.
  • Fix: optoin don’t spin the title now works with all campaign types also spintax in title
  • Improved: Cron now process a single campaign only for better resources usage

Version 3.21.0 (10 Feb 2016 )

  • New: articlesbase.com module added so now you can post from articlesbase.com
  • New: Twitter new item_embed tag
  • Fix: option skip posts with no image now record links with no images not to be checked again
  • Fix: option skip posts with no image now don’t skip posts with og:image and no images in content
  • Fix: Fatal error when extracting content using REGEX
  • Fix: Keyword suggest feature now works with https

Version 3.20.1 (26 January 2016 )

  • Fix: Internal cron job stopped working at v3.20 now working again
  • Fix: Spintax now get applied only if the post contains spintax tags

Version 3.20.0 (24 January 2016 )

  • NEW: Instagram item_embed tag to embed instagram items directly to wordpress
  • NEW: Facebook post_embed tag to embed posts from facebook
  • NEW: Feeds option to set a specific part to a custom field
  • NEW: Translation option to set failed translation posts status to pending
  • Improved: code optimized to increase speed and lower load
  • Fix: Articles module rewritten to work again
  • Fix: Exact match/banned word bug fix
  • Fix: Youtube videos older than a specific date for playlists now get skipped
  • Fix: Feed fetch full content video fix
  • Fix: Feed charachter encoding fix
  • Fix: eBay extract full details now consider language of the localized site
  • Fix: eBay full image sometimes returns no images if there is no maximum resulution image now fixed

Version 3.19.0 (4 January 2016 )

  • NEW: Facebook campaign can now post specific type of posts, videos,images,etc<\li>
  • NEW: Facebook campaign can now post specific type of posts, videos,images,etc
  • NEW: Google Translate integrated again
  • NEW: Feeds generate image name from title now supports non latin chars
  • NEW: Twitter new option to remove RT from post title
  • Fix: Limit title to specific number of chars option now does not add … if original title is below limit
  • Fix: Translation module rewritten fixing translation failed issue for long posts
  • Fix: W3 cached rss feeds was not loaded correctly to post from, Now fixed
  • Fix: ClickBank posting for centOS
  • Improved:Posted youtube comments as comments count now random from 20-50
  • Improved:Posted SoundCloud comments as comments count now random from 20-30

Version 3.18.0 (23 December 2015 )

  • NEW: Microsoft translator integrated for translation
  • Fix: Articles module rewritten to work again after source changes
  • NEW: NewsPaper wordpress theme integration for youtube and vimeo
  • NEW: Feeds search and replace option to appply to titles also
  • Fix: all src urls now get fixed not only images i.e src=”/”
  • Fix: Date displayed for last run and any date displayed now consider local time

Version 3.17.0 (10 December 2015 )

  • NEW: Facebook module can now posts from Groups
  • NEW: Facebook module can now post comments from
  • NEW: Facebook module Now accepts the numeric page id direclty instead of page url
  • NEW: Facebook module new tags like from_name,from_id ,etc
  • NEW: Facebook cache option
  • NEW: Facebook skip posts if older than a specific date
  • NEW: Tags custom taxonomy support
  • NEW: instagram option to skip posts older than a specific date
  • NEW: eBay campaigns Now posts the heigh resolution images
  • NEW: eBay description iframe height option
  • NEW: Feeds new option to convert extracted content encoding from a specific encoding to utf-8
  • NEW: Amazon now supports Amazon BR,MX
  • Fix: RTL Layout now displays fine
  • Fix: [keyword] tag was not working in title template now fixed.
  • Fix: FB small images now get replaced by largest versions.
  • Fix: Images displayed inline using its base46 encoding now support in width check, caching and thumbnail setting
  • Fix: Cache images locally improved
  • Fix: bug when first image was skipped if it’s width was lower than the set width

Version 3.16.0 (27 October 2015 )

  • NEW: SoundCloud support so now you can post from soundcloud to wordpress by keyword,user or playlist
  • NEW: new instagram option to display the vids above content by default at the bottom
  • NEW: ebay end date now can be shown in a human redable format like 1 week, days or hours
  • NEW: Feeds new option to skip including the enclosure image from the feed to the post content
  • NEW: New Feeds option to clear cURL encoding when loading the original post for extracting the content.
  • NEW: new twitter tags added for author profile image and background image
  • NEW: Deeper TruMag/NewsTube theme integration so now vid views/likes/dislikes get viewed at the display.
  • NEW: New Facebook option to hide posts with no images
  • Fix: Pinterest user or board option was getting reset to user now fixed
  • Fix: very long keywords was giving no links found message now fixed
  • Fix: eBay description iframe height was set to 10000 now lowered
  • Fix: eBay now consider the blog timezone previously dates was utc dates
  • Fix: instagram title now does not contain
  • Fix: Youtube comments now using the official api
  • Fix: now posted box only contains latest 10 posted posts with a button to load more.
  • Fix: translation sometimes generates a square tags including like this [19459million] now fixed and fixed for russian language
  • Fix: Amazon add to chart option was always using amazon.com now fixed.
  • Fix: Limit of posts to post increased to 1 million per campaign.
  • Fix: Facebook set date as published date now consider the timezone of WP.
  • Fix: invalid utf8 chars now get detected and fixed in post content/title
  • Fix: feeds module og:image extraction more accurate

Version 3.14.0 (17 August 2015 )

  • NEW: Now instagram videos get embeded to the post
  • NEW: new feature to set a secret word for the cron job at the settings page
  • NEW: feeds new option to skip items with title that already exists for a post
  • Fix:Translation now working again after stopping working.
  • Fix:Facebook posting fix
  • Fix:Amazon price woo-commerce truncation error fixed

Version 3.13.0 (11 July 2015 )

  • IMPORTANT: Facebook module totally rewritten using the latest Facebook API so you may notice that
    • You will need to add an App ID and App secret at the plugin settings page
    • Some already posted posts may be re-posted again using the new plugin this is because the links structure now changes
  • New: pin_link tag added to pinterest post template so it can point to the source directly
  • New: new option to serve featured image from it’s source without saving it to the server
  • NEW: new option to randomly pick tags from set tags as tags
  • NEW: TrueMag vimeo integration
  • Fix: Facebook module rewritten with improvements like largest size available images, strip too small images and a margin between images.
  • Fix: Ezinearticles author link fix
  • Fix: Pinterest title with hashtag was broken. now fixed
  • Fix: Content tags can now be used at post title template without problems
  • Fix: single item in the TBS protected terms was not getting protected now fixed
  • Fix: Feeds campaign set categories feature sometimes generated fatal error now fixed
  • Improved: html tags now get removed from title
  • Improved: changed default SimplePie
  • Improved: youtube now posts the maximum resultion image if found as featured image
  • Improved: scripts tags now get stripped by defualt
  • Removed: Strip inline links cause of users are misusing it

Version 3.12.0 (4 June 2015 )

  • NEW: WPML support so now you can set the language of the new posts
  • NEW: protect html tags in search and replace feeds campaign option added
  • Fix: Facebook video render now works after a minor FB change
  • Fix: Youtube duplicate posts after the v3 api upgrade now fixed
  • Fix: translation module improvements
  • Fix: decode html entities option fix
  • Fix: now custom fields values can contain single and double quotes or even a serialized array
  • Fix: internal server error fixed for windows servers when re-saving a campaign

Version 3.11.0 (22 MAY 2015 )

  • NEW: instagram now got supported so you can post instagram images for a tag or a user.
  • Fix: Flicker license was not working with keywords with spaces now working.
  • Fix: Trim post title sometimes caused issues when last trimmed char was a multibyte now fixed.

Version 3.10.0 (17 MAY 2015 ) [Pending approval]

  • Fix: youtube posting got upgraded to v3 api with various new options
  • New: Pinterest campaigns added to post from pinterest to wordpress
  • NEW: New feed tag to extract the enclusure link
  • NEW: New flicker license type option

Version 3.9.0 (27 APRIL 2015 )

  • New: Vimeo camaigns added
  • NEW: amazon.in now integrated
  • NEW: new option for setting refer to the source site when caching images
  • NEW: new option for amazon campaign to optionally create the short description
  • NEW: new option to strip inline links texts in content
  • Fix: replace keyword with specified link fixed was replacing parts of words
  • Fix: now caching images and thumbnails keep records of already cached items not to cache same image twice
  • Fix: relative links now points to source host when extracting using id/class/regex etc

Version 3.8.0 (8 APRIL 2015 )

  • NEW: Facebook campaigns now added so you can now post from facebook to wordpress
  • NEW: eBay now integrates with woo-commerce to directly link items via the buy now button
  • NEW: nospin tag added to skip spinning parts of content
  • NEW: option to decode html entities from feeds
  • NEW: the plugin can now process feed enclosure for featured image if no image elsewhere exists
  • NEW: Feeds campaign now can extract the real author of the post and assign to the same author locally or create a new one if not exists
  • NEW: TrueMag theme on the fly settings now get added
  • Fix: cache images with spaces , encoded sources now works
  • Fix: youtube rating images stopped displaying now fixed
  • Fix: feeds with items with empty title was stopping the feed from processing now fixed to skip no title feeds items
  • Fix: campaign editing/adding gave 500 http error with windows platforms now fixed
  • Fix: html encoded image srcs now fixed for thumbnail setting and caching
  • Fix: clear refer value at caching images
  • Fix: TBS were deforming encoded html entities now fixed.
  • Fix: ad_1, ad_2 now does not appear at feed items

Version 3.7.3 (25 JAN 2015 )

  • Fix: JetPack publicize conflict removed so it now auto posts to social networks without issues
  • Fix: Norwegian language translating was not working now fixed

Version 3.7.2 (15 JAN 2015 )

  • Fix: JetPack stats stopped working due to a conflict. now working
  • Improvement: cURL exist check added.
  • Fix: double check duplicate before posting.
  • Fix: entity_decode urls before extracting content from feeds.

Version 3.7.1 (17 DECEMBER 2014 )

  • Bug fix: amazon products [product_link] tag stopped working now it is back

Version 3.7.0 (16 DECEMBER 2014 )

  • NEW: option to add amazon add to chart url
  • NEW: option to search and replace by REGEX for each campaign
  • NEW: option to extract tags by id/class and set them as tags
  • NEW: TBS protected terms option added to settings
  • FIX: title can now contain more than 150 chars
  • FIX: using TBS without checking it for some campaigns now fixed
  • Fix: featured image with spaces after src attribute were not detected not it does
  • Fix: option to select multiple categories
  • Fix: users with open base dir set can now have clickbank product image without problem
  • Fix: https images from feeds now works fine
  • Fix: translate were generating numbers in some cases now fixed
  • Fix: translate were generating unexpected input with encoded charachters like &euoro; now fixed
  • Fix: fetch full content titles with colons were truncated now fixed
  • Fix: opttion to strip links didn’t work with flicker items now it works

Version 3.6.0 ( 2 NOVEMBER 2014 )

    • : post from a youtube playlist
    • NEW: feed extract content using xpath
    • NEW: set feed posts categories to original post categories
    • NEW: amazon full woo-commerce integration
    • NEW: multi level spinning support
    • NEW: strip content using id/class
    • NEW: extract first match only option
    • NEW: extract inner content instead of outer content
    • NEW: skip featured image if below 100px width
    • NEW: graph og image
    • NEW: vid_duration tag for youtube vids
    • NEW: custom post tags
    • NEW: Limit title chars to xx chars
    • NEW: set canonical tag
    • FIX: curl follocation for openbasedir
    • FIX: feed posts with relative urls now mathch to the source
    • Fix: some js code sometimes appears when using fetch full content now stripped
    • Fix: keywords not saving with some themes
    • Fix: ebay duplicate were deleting most posts even they were not duplicate
    • Fix: amazon GPB numeric fix


Version 3.5.0 ( 9 SEPTEMPER 2014 )

  • NEW: Spintax campaign type where you can add a spintaxed article and the plugin generate new posts from the spintax form
  • NEW: ebay custom category id support
  • NEW: Preview new posts in edit page option
  • NEW: Rotate Feeds option where the plugi can circulate posting from feeds other than waiting for the first feed to exhausted before moving to the next one.
  • NEW: Random featured image where you can set a list of images to set featured image from once there is no featured image in fetched content
  • NEW: Posting from amazon browse node without keyword filtering
  • NEW: Amazon sort results by option
  • NEW: Youtube minimum vid date added so you can skip old vids
  • NEW: Feeds minimum vid date added
  • NEW: Reverse order of items youtube and feeds
  • NEW: Reactivate exhausted keywords (Keywords that there were no more results to fetch for) option where you can instantly reactivate calling the source for that exhausted keyword
  • Fix: ebay keywords with spaced were generating errors now Fixed by encoding
  • Fix: clickbank password with special chars get encoded
  • Fix: image caching using curl instead of file_get_Contents due to some servers don’t allow file_get_content
  • Fix: translate second time was translating from first language to thired language now fixed
  • Fix: removed using tidy extention that caused broken images html
  • Fix: Exhausted keywords now get reactivated automatically
  • Fix: Marking a link as duplicate now get set if there is a live post with this link so you now can repost deleted items without problem
  • Fix: attachment guid added which was causing problem with displaying featured image with some themes
  • Fix: amazon keywords with spases were causing problems as they were urlencoded twice. Now fixed
  • Fix: Readability (Fetch full content library) mb_encoding function not exists fix as some servers don’t has this extention installed
  • Fix: Readability (Fetch full content library) was removing inline styles now disabled
  • Fix: Striping links from the post was causing some html tags to be stipped also now fixed
  • Fix: ebay and flicker non-latin chars in content were not visible now fixed and table encoding converted to utf

Version 3.4.0 (23 JULY 2014)

  • Fix : Flicker recently stopped working for some users now it is updated to work without probl
  • Fix : Clickbank recently stopped working for non-english users it is now updated to work with any language
  • Fix : Log table size was growing by time for aged blogs now log clears non-essential records by time keeping size minimal
  • Fix : strip first image was stripping all images now it strips just the first
  • Fix : Youtuve videos added via Cron sometimes don’t show the video player due to security filters were stripping the iframes now it add without problem
  • Fix : ui keyword field value equal * when checked “post all without filtering” now when uncheck the post all without filtering it get cleared
  • Fix : Now some options get saved to database with base 48 encoding for fixing issues with special charachters
  • Fix : youtube non-caching index now starts at 1
  • NEW : REGEX support now the plugin can extract content from original post using regular expressions
  • NEW : New id/class rule 3 added beside the original two so you can now extract three parts from original post with id/class
  • NEW : TBS (the best spinner) Now reports success or fail for each rewrite trial
  • NEW: Now you can search amazon by artist , actor .. etc
  • NEW: Amazon it , es support (Not fully compatible)

Version 3.3.0 (29 APR 2014)

  • Fix: Articles module working again after source changes
  • NEW: Strip first image after setting as featured image option added
  • NEW: Rotate keywords option added
  • NEW: Get Full youtube description option added
  • NEW: Post youtube tags as wordpress tags option added
  • NEW: post youtube comments to wordpress as wordpress comments option added
  • NEW: added [vid_id] tag to youtube videos
  • NEW: youtube featured image now get set
  • Fix: Amazon no thumbnail product fixed
  • Fix: cache images with + _ marks now works
  • Fix: amazon products with no list price now gets price from offer summary
  • Improvement: clear feed cache

Version 3.2.0 (24 MAR 2014)

  • Added: Extract content from original feeds posts by id or class
  • Fix: Feeds module fix .bug that skipped posts without images even if this option was not checked
  • Fix: Translation module fix. bug where the source translation was auto detect even if you set what source .
  • Fix: Translation module fix. content was getting truncated if the post contains double quotes . now fixed .
  • Fix: Amazon custom fields now set properly . bug that some fields was not added with correct values .

Version 3.1.1 (4 MAR 2014)

  • Added: Skip posts without images option for feeds campaigns
  • Fix: Articles module now works again after stopped due to source changes
  • Fix: youtube posting from a specific user with cache disabled made the campaign to get disabled now fixed .

Version 3.1.0 (5 FEB 2014)

  • Added: custom post formats support
  • Added: Limit charachters of content support
  • Fix: youtube campaigns mix fix

Version 3.0.1

  • Fix : version 3.0 didn’t read campaigns created by older versions of the plugin this update will restore your old campaign beside newly created

Version 3.0.0

  • New: ebay support
  • New: flicker support
  • New: amazon browse nodes support
  • New: amazon set price range
  • New: youtube search specific user/channel
  • New: exact match word list
  • New: execluded word list
  • New: translation support
  • New: custom fields support
  • New: featured image support
  • New: cache images support
  • New: Feeds post full content from summary feed
  • New: Search and replace
  • New: Built-in cron support
  • improved: log rewritten
  • Bug fix: amazon results now more accurate and more results now fetched

version 2.1.1(13 OCT 2013)

  • New Feature : added proxy authentication ip:port:username:password
  • Fix : articles module works again after it stopped to work due to recent source change

version 2.1.0(25 June 2013)

  • Improvement:Amazon now support .co.uk , .ca , .co.jp , .de , .fr
  • Improvement:youtube now support non-enlish language

version 2.0.10(16 MAY 2013)

  • Plugin updated to work with the new Clickbank update

version 2.0.9(8 JAN 2013)

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