link juicer integration with WordPress Automatic Plugin

How to integrate WordPress Automatic Plugin with Internal Link Juicer for automatic internal links

How does Internal link-building using Link Juicer work?

Internal Link Juicer plugin makes it possible to create automatic internal link building. the process is simple, you set the keywords on your created post and when these keywords are found on other posts on your site, it will be automatically hyperlinked with the link of the post

How can automatic internal links work with WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin can import from almost any website as new posts, it can also generate articles using AI and to automatically set the keywords for Link Juicer on created posts, here are the steps

1- Create a new custom field with the name “ilj_linkdefinition” and the value are the comma-separated list of keywords

if you set it as shown on the screenshot, the plugin will automatically do the integration work for you and set these keywords as the link juicer plugin keywords

TIP 1 : You can generate these keywords using AI as shown in this tutorial , make sure the field name is “ilj_linkdefinition” and the value is the prompt generating a comma separated list of keywords

TIP 2: You can set the extracted tags as the link juicer keywords, just enable the option to extract the tags as WordPress tags and then use [tags] as the value of the created custom field

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